A road map to god (aka all that is)

A friend of mine, after receiving ThetaHealing from me some years back, called it the ‘Technology of Prayer.’

I think about this often when I am connecting with Source, with the 7th plane, with All That Is, and commanding for beliefs to be cleared, or for something or other to become manifest in my life (in the highest and best). I think about this when I’m expressing gratitude for all that I have in my life now, or when I’m asking source for more information than I could know with my consciousness alone.

I think about our ancestors, the ancients, and how prayer must have actually been to them what we understand to be ThetaHealing (and other ways we connect to All That Is…).  For a ritual, a tradition, a way of being in the world to have lasted thousands of years, it had to have been rooted in something powerful to begin with, something more potent than what most of us experience or understand it to be today.

Before centuries and centuries of spiritual oppression, before we were told that we cannot have a direct line to God, we knew it in our bones to be our birthright. When I connect to the 7th plane, I remember my birthright and know it in every cell of my being:

I am a part of god, and god is a part of me. Because of this, I have direct access to source, to all that is, to a consciousness that is far greater than what I identify as “me.”

ThetaHealing provides me a clear roadmap to that connection, and a technology, a mechanism, a method to bring me back to the real potency, magic and power of prayer. When I pray, it is possible that God answers me. When I pray, healing, forgiveness, change and manifesting are all possible in this physical reality. ThetaHealing is a Technology of Prayer.


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