Co-piloting with the Universe

Step 1: Name your dreams. Not your half dreams, not the dreams you think are within your reach, or the dreams you think you are worthy of. Dream with your heart. Dream as big as you love.

Step 2: Thank the universe. Thank her for providing all that you need to fulfill these dreams. Thank her for the adventure of finding these provisions. Honor the union of you and the universe. Enter into a pact to co-pilot your life.

Step 3: Step out your front door in the morning with this map in your hand. This is not just any map, so don’t follow it blindly or cease to look up at your surroundings. It’s magic morphs trails into roadblocks and roadblocks into vantage points. Stop and breathe and look at the view. A new path will reveal itself soon, but not before you’ve taken in the beauty of what’s around you, the majesty of how far you’ve climbed.

The universe wants playmates, she wants collaborators. She wants you to laugh at her jokes. She wants you to join her team in this game where there’s no winning or losing.

There’s just this map. This morphing changeable map: the expanding scope of your dreams; the growing capacity of your heart. And the giving and receiving between you and the universe.

may 7, 2013


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