Declare your worth


The old Rumi quote “You must ask for what you really want” echoes in my head every time I’m going for something, or feeling a little timid, or uncertain about how things will turn out. It’s a reminder that I need to put myself out there and really stake my claim in what I want.

Ask could also be swapped out for declare – I like that better – it’s stronger. When I declare what I want, I’m announcing to the universe that I’m looking for these things to come my way. If I never declare what I want, how will the universe fill the order? Probably by reading into a whole lot of my negative, self-depreciating, monkey-mind thoughts.

So I always come back to this quote to give me strength in the declaration of my dreams and desires. The asking takes vulnerability, and therefore courage.

I’m discovering the same is true for my value and worth.

You must ask for what you’re really worth.

I’ve been guiding this bi-weekly community theta healing on money and abundance. All kinds of things come up around our relationship with money, what we’ve absorbed from a young age, and all the unconscious programming we’re walking around with. I’m interested in investigating our own concepts of self-worth and value when it comes to getting paid.

In my own practice, I’ve been negotiating fees for new services I’m offering. I realized in the process that there is a bottom line that I will not go below. Going below this rate would actually be a devaluing of my work and myself. This is key to improving my relationship to money.

Setting a price that feels good to me, and being firm about it feels so empowering! In creating this boundary, or this no, I’m declaring my worth and my value to myself and potential clients – and the universe is listening. It doesn’t matter whether this particular client agrees to the fee or not. I have declared my value, I have asked for what I’m really worth. And now, the universe can respond to something loud and clear.

What stands in the way of us understanding and declaring our true value and worth?
What would it take to create strong no’s as a means of creating the life and income we desire?

september 28, 2014

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