Meeting Myself

After the whirlwind of Burning Man subsided, I realized that I had gone there to do just one thing: meet myself.

I remember a conversation I had prior to Burning Man where we set our intentions for how we wanted to move through that playground, that lab. I remember fumbling for my answer, and then halfheartedly declaring a bunch of feel-good statements that were probably about 75% true, and all the while hearing a small voice inside suggesting so sweetly, so simply “you’re just going to meet yourself.”

It’s been a year of unbelievable shifts. With so much transformation, transcontinental movement, and transplantation happening, there have been parts of me I have shed like old skin, and parts that are core enough to be encased by my new skin. Enough has shifted to merit a re-acquaintance.

When I meet someone new, there is curiosity, and there is a freedom. I get to receive all kinds of new information from this new human standing in front of me. I get to fall in love with everything that I perceive, and this love is free of the shackles of judgement or conflict or any other shadows of relationship. And I get to show up however I want to show up. This new person does not know my past, my patterns, my flaws. I can pour my shiniest, most potent, most grounded, and most earnest aspects of myself into this new greeting.

So what if we afforded ourselves these same kind of introductions each morning? After a time of great shift and change in my life, this kind of self-re-acquaintance is almost required, but what if it became my daily practice?

A daily practice of forgiving whatever shadows lurk from the day before, a daily practice of finding and greeting the most shiny, potent, grounded, earnest parts of myself, inviting them the step forward and guide my day.

And most importantly, a daily practice that recognizes that I don’t have to be the same person I was yesterday, I don’t have to carry burdens that I may have picked up. I have freedom to be whomever I want to be, today, now. And that I have the agency to continually shape myself into better and brighter iterations.

So every morning I sit. I go inside. I hold open the door. And I invite my essence to fully embody my field.

I greet myself with “This is me. This is me now. Hi. What do I love about me today?”

october 2, 2013


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