note to self: give up

Give up. Give up all the ways you’re stopping yourself. Give up all the excuses you’ve given yourself to stall happiness. Give up the notion that you can’t have it all (or any of it), that you don’t deserve to discover the layers of your heart. Give up the fear that’s holding your hand, pinning you to the ledge.

Leap. The air will hold you.

You were born with wings. But on this plane, this world of chaos (opportunity and change), you learned to morph feathers into fingers, wings became arms and hands, so you could play this game of cause and effect.

But your wings will find you. Call on them. They are there, waiting to be expressed beyond shoulder blades.

So give up the fantasy that you are merely mortal. Give up the rules – the ones you’ve made or been made to follow. Give up your love of self-loathing. Give up your commitment to a perception merely observed through pupils. Float above these human constructs.

There is a paradise here for everyone. Finding it is the journey into yourself. All you need is the courage to unlock the door: find the room in that castle you’ve built around your heart. Imprisoned there behind so much stone and iron.

Alight on those castle walls. Go inside. The room is small and simple, but expands inward the longer you sit.

So sit. Give up the appointments you’ve made to perpetuate the mundane. Sit and open, and allow your heart to reveal itself.

may 30, 2013


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