8 Ways Manifest, Using the Mundane and the Magical.

It’s the weight of a deep out-breath. It brings me into my body, lands me in my every cell. I feel muscles and skin and joints spread, befriending gravity in this expansive exhale. 

The magic with which the last few months have unfolded have given me even more evidence that the fabric of reality is what we make of it. It feels so porous, so tenuous, so delicate, so constructible. Half the time I feel like a magician with the world at my fingertips, the other half like a small bird, wings outstretched and at the mercy of a strong gale.

We are all magicians with a wand and a top hat, and we are all delicate birds surrounded by forces much mightier than us. We must learn the timing for embodying each. There is a right time to point the wand at the top hat and will something into existence. There is a right (and different) time when all we need to do is spread our wings, let the wind hold and catapult us to our destination. We must remember to trust, to know that we’ll have our bearings soon enough, and that when we land, we’ll be exactly where we need to be, or at least where we’re supposed to be.

Allowing the interplay of the manifesting magician and the wind-flung bird has been a great tool in helping me create the most recent level-up in my life (for me, this has meant moving to a beautiful, quiet home, and acquiring a car I’ve been dreaming of). In this process, I’ve learned so much about the nature of manifesting, and have found the following tools particularly empowering.

1) Know and name specifically what you want, and let it be known. Write it down. Put it on your wall above your mirror, on your vision board, above your desk. Speak about it often. Tell your friends, your lover, your partner, your family. Yell it from the rooftops. Use your wildest imagination to actualize it in your mind.

2) Understand what your yes, your no, your maybe and your almost feel like as sensations in your body. You can learn how to do this with simple things like a smell that you really love (what does it feel like in your body to enjoy that smell?), or the shirt you’re trying on at Buffalo Exchange (do you love how you look and feel in it, or is it something that almost works and/or you think you should have for some reason or another?) You can even check in on how you feel about the person you’re dating (are you all in? are you almost all in? are you still in maybe-land?).

In any given situation where you’re presented with an object, an invitation, an opportunity, check in with how you feel about it. It doesn’t have to change how you respond to it IRL, but noticing your actual responses will help you learn to recognize the “yes” opportunities when they come your way in the future, and how to sift through the “maybe’s” and “no’s” and feel really good about drawing those lines for yourself.

3) Welcome the hard work. If manifesting didn’t involved any effort or learning, then we’d all be angel beings manifesting up in the clouds. We came here to Earth to manifest on the material plane. That means that we want our manifesting to involve a certain amount of leg work. So what leg work is worth your while? Look for the tasks that will expand your current information bank or skill set. Look for ways you can enlist your community to help you learn how to do things you don’t know how to do, and let the learning be experiential. This meaningful work is what creates the platform for the life level-up.

4) Welcome the fear. “This being human is a guest house,” says Rumi. This being human is about playing host to all sorts of feelings, and fear is one of them. There are two kinds of fear, the kind that alerts us to real, physical and present-time danger (we should probably pay attention to that one), and the one that is couched in no-longer-relevant dangers. We should probably also pay attention to this one as well, but not let it steer us. We often have emotional and psychological fears associated with making big change or moving forward. So when we move to transform our lives in a big way, these fears can show up. This is an excellent time to invite them in, have a look and a chat, the dispel those buggers into dust and sweep them out the front door. Dealing with our fear in this way instigates the process of clearing anything that no longer serves you. ThetaHealing is a great tool for this, of course.

5) Clear your limiting beliefs. The fear is really a gateway feeling to uncovering our limiting beliefs. “I’m afraid to get the job of my dreams because then I’ll have to know what it’s like to succeed everyday, and I don’t believe that it’s possible for me to succeed everyday.” Or something like that. See how this works? The fear points to a limiting belief around success. Uncover your beliefs, investigate if they serve you or not. Let them go. Again, ThetaHealing is a powerful tool to shift core beliefs.

6) Turn up the volume of having what you want, now. Remember that work you’re doing around knowing your yes and no and maybe? So now you know what yes feels like, right? And you’ve also imagined what it would be like, what it would feel like in your body to have the thing/experience/opportunity that you’re manifesting, now? Do that, all day, every day. Call in the feeling of yes, call in the feeling of having your wish, now. Give your body the experience like it is a reality, now. And reality will come running to meet you there.

7) Let it go. Phew! You’ve just done so much work – on the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental planes. Well done, you should be so proud of yourself! Now take a break. Pass the baton to the universe. Give her a minute. She’s doing her thing, and a watched kettle never boils.

8) Look out for that divine wink that says “leap.” Often when you’re least expecting it, the universe lays a golden platter of the most delectable treats at your feet. You’ve been nodding off or glued to a screen or driving or running from thing to thing and all of a sudden you see this amazing gift at your feet that has materialized magically before you. You blink incredulously, and just as you begin to doubt the magic or make excuses for it, a bird comes flying through your car window, or you get a text message out of the blue from a long lost friend that says “yes!” or “go for it!,” or a stranger makes you the recipient of a random act of kindness or something happens that pulls you out of the mundane and into the magic for a moment long enough for you to see this platter for all that is being offered in its midst and you say yes.

And now you are the bird. Flapping furiously on wings in a gale that may be too strong for you, but you are small and mighty in this expansive universe, and the wind is only as strong as it needs to be for you to know your own strength and how much you’ve grown, and suddenly you are not a mere finch, you are an eagle, soaring higher and on epic wings, gliding on the wind’s platform to a height you’ve not yet known, alighting on your next level with grace, and a deep sigh into your new gravity.

Photo by Bonnie Chan

april 29, 2015

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