thank you, longing

There is something perfect and right about this longing. yes longing. thank you. thank you for the reminder that I’m alive and that my heart is so so so big.

Thank you heart for reminding me that there is never just one way to love, or parameters to follow, or prescribed time to wait, and that you always always always heal.

Thank you resiliency – of my body, my emotional body. the constant regeneration of cells that makes new life and new love possible. we are so many layers.

Feeling this longing move through me like a current even as I drop deep into my root. in, and back, and down, I settle in to myself. thank you body for this exquisite throne, this pelvic bowl that I can rest into.

Thank you mama earth for holding all of me, all of me, all of me. For the gentle pulsation of life I can feel when I open and drop – back and in and down, the roots from my sacrum tapping in for nourishment, solidity, holding. yes. thank you. all of it. all of me.

From this bowl grows my seaweed. You are the water. everything that touches me is You. This longing, the minutiae of space between my seaweed tendrils and the molecules of water – this minutiae that tricks me into thinking that we are separate, or ever actually apart. This minutiae that gives the gift of this longing. This longing that knows I’m alive.


october 30, 2017

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