may we travel deeper and wider

may we travel deeper and wider
each spiraling pathway towards our one. love

may the lines in our face now upswing with laughter
the universe doesn’t mind either way

we started out together with life in mid-sprint
ravellings and unravellings to tend

and I don’t know where we are headed, but I like to think it’s to even better days
I don’t know how it gets better, but the spiraling of my bones knows the way

in the morning, the quiet reveals the loudness of our longing for something different
we spend all day stretching and yawning, reaching and contracting, fussing and foraging.

in the evening, the settle quenches our contentment, the sun set of acceptance of what is
we cycle through this, the seesawing waves of joy and despair.

may we hold each other in this, sometimes I lead, sometimes you follow.

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