When systems break down, and there is a gap between what was and what will be, what wisdom can we glean from the cracks, as the old foundation crumbles? When systems break down, when the well stops working and the power goes out, when what we thought would be is no longer, what good news can we seek from within the rubble? What cracks creep into full heart-break and bear us into the rightful loss and grieving, the confusion and the pain of separation. Let these be our shuttles through and inside of the gap. Let these depths be the dark wisdom of coming home.

The gap between what was and what will be. What do we do with THIS moment, this liminal space. What is it to let go of the comfort of the states quo. What is it to let go of the comforts we thought we needed for survival. Inside ourselves and among us. What is it to consider the possibility that a stripping away leaves us face to face with our resilience. With all that we really ever needed.

What is it to slowly and willfully step into the weeds together, hand in hand? How do we face the impossibility of knowing the next moment, the mystery of this in-between place? What courage do we muster from the depths of our vulnerability? What vulnerability do we muster from the depths of our fear?

There is medicine in the weeds. There is medicine in the gap. There is rage and sorrow and fear and confusion in the gap. Let these be our shuttles. Can we find our courage to go there, be there, feel it all, together? Can we hold it all and let it break us. Can we yell and cry and take another inhale of something different? Let the water come to a standstill and let the power fail, let the systems crumble around us and in us. And from this stillness, let’s make way, let’s make way, for something different.

This transition time, this gap, is not the easy part. I’m not here to make it so. But maybe, if we do this together with willingness and mindfulness, we’ll find our way through, through the weeds and the confusion and the discomfort, into something more beautiful than we could have ever imagined, had we not borne ourselves from the rubble, had we not surrendered to the wisdom of the gap.

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