Odessa Avianna Perez emphasizes meaning making aspects of healing, which she explores in her own life through her writing. When she isn’t writing, she facilitates transformative embodiment in group workshops and individual sessions. She is a certified ThetaHealing Practitioner and Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist and current Graduate Student at California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS) for Somatic Psychology. She currently assists for HoneyRoot’s School for Embodied Leadership and is part of the facilitator team for HoneyRoot Embodiment Retreats.

Raised within a western Sufi community called the Sufi Way, Odessa has been immersed in energy healing modalities, self-empowered health, and spirit-consciousness all her life.  These early and ongoing mystical inspirations have created an experiential and compassionate framework for her approach to transformation and healing: she believes that our experiences can be our greatest teachers, and that when we empower ourselves to be active participants in our lives, engage the great mystery, and the adventure of storytelling our lives towards meaning-making, the greatest transformations can take root.

She offers individual sessions in Bodywork, ThetaHealing and Transformational Embodiment, and leads experiential workshops and trainings in Contact Improv, Developing the Empathic Sense, ThetaHealing, Meditation, and Movement Improvisation in Nevada City and the Bay Area, as well as up and down the west coast at festivals and retreats. Learn more at odysseyhealing.com.

Embody the Journey Within. Welcome your Odyssey.